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Grinder GILVI


Do you want to sharpen the combs and cutters of shearing sheeps, good and of simple form?. This one is your grinder.


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If it is not well sharpened, fueza the machine and to shear turns into an unbearable work without need. There exist three ways of sharpening, with his advantages and disadvantages:

With sandpapers - It is the system used by the international brands of the sector. It is necessary to take a lot of care on having placed them, on having put the tail and having pressed; any rest or air bubble that stays prevents a normal result

With abrasive stone - it is necessary to rectify with diamond the surface and it is necessary to have precaution of not rubbing shoulders with her or preventing it from could to break.

With disc of steel and emery - East is our system. Since manufacturers we have done an endless number of tests along three generations and ultimately always we come to the same conclusions:

- Easy to use, Sharpened perfect and with a great saving

It removes much less material than both systems anteriore and with difference and though you rub the disc or him des with the leg, is inoffensive.

Since all the products of nuetra manufacture fulfills the regulation CE and this way

Our afiladora takes it marked a motorde goes 1/2 Cv. and works to 2800 rpm.

His weight with packing is of some 17 kg.


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